Honest. Authentic. Legendary Action.

Bagley is proud to offer traditional, premium super light balsa and hand-selected hardwood baits with the craftsmanship, quality and artistry of classic handcrafted lures – paired with unmatched ferocity in design, finish and action that forces strikes and bends rods. 60 years of legendary bait-making skill is boiled down, energized and hand-tuned into the most lethal collection of fish assassins ever assembled.

Four Classics And Counting

Bagley baits have won the big tourneys and fattest checks time after time, including four bass World Championships. Whether you’re after a fun day or a payday, Bagley’s world-class designs, famous action and fresh ideas mean more and bigger fish.

Hand-Tuned To Run True From The Start

Every Bagley bait is individually hand-tuned and water-tested to make sure the action is spot-on from the very start. Lethal stimulation is at maximum, right out of the box. You’re out to fish, not fiddle, and Bagley makes sure you can get going with a lure that works exactly right from the first time out.