As we splash into another holiday season, we at Bagley Bait wanted to share some of our favorite gifts for fishermen to help you reel in some cheer! Whether you’re shopping for an amateur or pro fisherman—or maybe you’re looking for something to enhance your own tackle box—you’re sure to find an awesome gift that every angler on your list will crave!

Here are Bagley Bait’s Top Fishing Gift Ideas

Tackle Box: Let’s start with the basics. If the person on your list is new to fishing, or he or she has used the same tackle box for decades, it may be time for an upgrade. Stick to brands that specialize in both durability and flexibility—meaning they include easy to use trays and racks. You also want plenty of drawers to store your fishing lures, lines, sinkers, needle nose pliers, hooks—you name it!

Waders: For fisherman who really like to sink their teeth into the action, a quality pair of waders is a great idea. Deciding whether to choose boot foot or stockingfoot may be the harder decision, however. With bootfoot, you’re stuck with the one size fits all boot option. Stockingfoot waders, on the other hand, have neoprene socks instead of boots. This means you’ll need to buy a pair of wading boots separately—if the person doesn’t already own a pair. 

Fishing Knife: A new set of fishing knives is another great gift idea. To help you find the right knife, consider the conditions where the person often fishes. Does the angler fish in cold or warm water? Shallow or deep conditions? Use the answers to these questions to guide your search.

Depth Finder: Think GPS for fish. This handy digital instrument takes the guess work out of finding your next big catch. Available with many exciting features, including advanced topography, temperatures, and range, you latch this device right onto your boat and start finding your next catch instantly.

Bagley Lures and Baits: Is your angler’s tackle box lacking some gusto? If so, you may want to consider upgrading his or her collection of fishing lures. Bagley Bait offers a diverse selection of hard baits, spoons, and jigs to help you catch your next trophy. From the best fishing lures for walleye to the top lures for bass, panfish, and pike, you’ll find the hottest fishing lures all in one place and for a great price, oh and fishing tackle does make a great stocking stuff

Celebrate the season with the perfect gift for the fishing enthusiast. Shop online at the Bagley Bait store, where you’ll find your favorite Bagley lures and gear!

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