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As we leave summer behind and brace ourselves for colder temperatures, it’s not uncommon for bass anglers to pack up their tackle boxes and head home for the winter. But it’s still open season for largemouth bass, which means there’s plenty more game fish out there for you.

Black bass, green bass, and slough bass—these sunfish go by many different names and typically roam the backwaters of rivers and shallow lake areas surrounded by vegetation. Like most freshwater fish, largemouth bass slip into a hyper-feeding mood during autumn to prepare for the icy months ahead. They also move slower and swim closer to the water’s surface, due to the colder temperatures. Their behavior combined with less fishing competition on the lake means if you haven’t considered fishing for bass this fall, you’re missing out on all the action!

Before the lakes freeze over, find out which fishing lures will help you land the biggest bass trophy.

Top Fishing Lures for Bass

Jig Baits: Always a favorite among anglers, jigs are considered one of the best fishing lures for bass. This is especially true during the fall season. Jigs allow you to easily adjust your presentation, so you can create slower, more controlled movements. The best part is you can select jigs in a variety of colors, which is key to catching bass. You want the jib to resemble the color of the fish’s prey and also be seen in cloudy water conditions.

Recommended for Jig Baits

Bagley Shaky Head Jigs are ideal for fall bass fishing. Its head is both angled and flat-bottomed, allowing you to position the bait perfectly when jigging. Our Shaky Head Jigs are also available in eight different colors (e.g. black, brown, chartreuse, clear, green, orange, pink, and white) and over five sizes. They have an extra-long hook shank and a great bait “keeper” that ensures you stay rigged longer. 

Crankbaits: Perfect for any season and water temperature, hard baits are just what you need to grab your game fish’s attention and lure them in. Easy casting to reach shallow areas and durable for working through rocky terrain or other areas that have structure. Hard baits are designed to resemble forage baitfish and their swimming action imitates prey.  Some baits are equipped with rattles to emanate sound to attract bass.

Recommended for Bagley Crankbaits:

Bagley’s Small Fry 1 is a higher profile flat-sided, rounded-lip lure designed to deliver, no matter what season it is. Its durable ABS resin body is pad-printed with incredible realistic patterns. It’s also formed to move exactly like crappie, bluegill, or bream. Perfect for bass and walleye, this bait drives freshwater fish to charge and feed.

Remember that although autumn means feeding time for bass and other freshwater fish, it’s not uncommon for these creatures to become sluggish toward the end of the season, making it difficult to get a bite. That’s where the Small Fry 1’s faster action will definitely come in handy and conquer any fish hesitation.

Topwater Baits: Available in various shapes to create different actions on the water’s surface, topwater baits are traditionally designed to imitate a fleeing or struggling baitfish. And depending on your presentation, these lures can create either erratic or steady spinning movements, making them all too appealing to bass.

Recommended for Topwater Baits:

Bagley’s Bang O Lure Spintail can be used on the surface or just under, along with stumps, rocks, or even weed lines. These bad boys churn and wobble to create an irresistible ruckus that bass simply can’t resist. The roiling water and hand-tuned balsa action don’t just tease bass into a taste. They also compel fish to hit hard, even when they want to hang back.

Now that you know which lures are ideal for bass fishing, check out Bagley Bait’s online shop to find all the jigs and hard baits you need to have a killer season! For questions about bass fishing or to learn more techniques from the proscontact us today!

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