Fishing Crankbaits for Late Autumn and Winter Bass

  Fishing Crankbaits for Late Autumn and Winter Bass Bagley’s Pro Sunny B provides the perfect squarebill crankbait option BEMIDJI, Minn. (October 29, 2020) – The Bagley Pro Sunny B was designed to put a larger “pro-sized” fast-action balsa wood crankbait in the hands of anglers. Introduced in 2018, the three-inch, half-ounce squarebill Bagley Pro Sunny B…

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Top 5 Bagley Baits for Post Spawn Bass Fishing

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With the warmer days of summer arriving, the bass across the country will be making their way out of the shallows as they transition to their summer haunts. This time of year is widely referred to as the post-spawn by bass anglers. Post spawn bass fishing can be hit or miss some days, but there…

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How to Land a Largemouth Bass: Top Fishing Lures for Bass

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As we leave summer behind and brace ourselves for colder temperatures, it’s not uncommon for bass anglers to pack up their tackle boxes and head home for the winter. But it’s still open season for largemouth bass, which means there’s plenty more game fish out there for you. Black bass, green bass, and slough bass—these…

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