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With the warmer days of summer arriving, the bass across the country will be making their way out of the shallows as they transition to their summer haunts. This time of year is widely referred to as the post-spawn by bass anglers. Post spawn bass fishing can be hit or miss some days, but there are certainly ways to tip the proverbial scales to your advantage.

There are so many different crankbaits on the market today, it can be difficult to dial in on one singular company that provides you with a different look and feel while standing in a tackle aisle upwards of 50-yards long full of similar-looking baits. That’s why I’m here to help.

I choose to throw Bagley baits when looking for a crankbait that is just flat out different than the others. Bagley makes their crankbaits from balsa, instead of hard plastics. This gives the baits a different action in the water, which sometimes is all it takes to entice a pressured bass.

So which ones should you check out this year as the post-spawn bears down across the country? Here are my top 5 Bagley baits for post spawn bass fishing.

Post Spawn Bass Fishing | Bait #1: The Balsa B2 Crankbait

The Balsa B2 is a squarebill crankbait with a wide wobble and an erratic action. I like to throw the Balsa B2 right as the bass begin pulling out of the shallows after the spawn and start staging on ambush points like rip-rap and laydowns.

This squarebill has an awesome floating action thanks to the balsa, which makes it irresistible to bass as you bounce it off of laydowns or shallow rock. It also makes retrieving the bait from those areas incredibly easy as the bait will practically back itself out when hung thanks to its floating nature.

Post Spawn Bass Fishing | Bait #2: The Bagley Spintail

The Bagley Spintail jerkbait comes in as my second favorite post spawn bass fishing bait for a few reasons. First off, a jerkbait mimics all types of baitfish and forage that bass love to key in on. Remember, these fish have just spent a couple of weeks up shallow focused on spawning, so they’re looking for a quick and easy meal as they push back to their secondary staging areas.

Now, why do I prefer the Spintail over other jerkbait options? The name kind of says it all. The Bagley Spintail has a blade right in front of the back treble hook. This gives the bait an incredible amount of action as you rip it through the water. This different look can be the difference between catching a few fish or a boatload!

Post Spawn Bass Fishing | Bait #3: The Knocker B

One of my favorite ways to catch bass in the post spawn is with a topwater bait. There’s something exhilarating about the split-second your brain takes to process setting the hook as a bass engulfs the lure right before your eyes. The Bagley Knocker B is a killer topwater bait with a small profile and a shape that makes ‘walking the dog’ easy.

This bait mimics a dying baitfish as it zig-zags across the water, which can drive an aggressive bass insane. Throw this bait over grass lines, along secondary points, and anywhere that you can find baitfish schooling and hang on tight.

Post Spawn Bass Fishing | Bait #4: The Pro Sunny B Twin Spin

Based on my sentiments above about loving topwater in the post-spawn, it’s not surprising that the Pro Sunny B Twin Spin made my list as the second topwater to try out this season. Propeller style baits have been around for years and seem to have fallen into that category of “forgotten baits” as newer styles like the whopper plopper moved into the market.

Thanks to fewer people throwing these propeller style baits, they are becoming more and more effective. If you’re looking for a topwater bait that stands out from the crowd this season, be sure to check out the Pro Sunny B Twin Spin.

Post Spawn Bass Fishing | Bait #5: The Flat Balsa B2

Last, but certainly not least on my list is the Flat Balsa B2. This flat-sided crankbait excels when post spawn bass fishing on highly pressured bodies of water. Many anglers only seem to throw the flat-sided crankbaits in the early pre-spawn in cold water, but this bait can catch finicky bass year-round.

I like to target deeper structure with the Flat Balsa B2 as the bigger bill allows me to target bass deeper in the water column. Target the tips of laydowns, deeper rock piles, or secondary points where bass will stage and ambush baitfish. Don’t sleep on the Flat Balsa B2 this post spawn.

If you’re going to be hitting the water in search of some post spawn bass, you’ll want to have these five baits in your arsenal. Track which conditions work best for each bait and dial in when and where to throw each. The best way to do that is by tracking every detail of every trip with the ANGLR app!

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