Watch Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Drew Benton put the Bagley Pro Sunny B Twin Spin to work, as he targets shallow water, spawning largemouth bass in Florida, and shows off some explosive topwater action for big largemouth bass. #TeamBagleyBaits

The Pro Sunny B Twin Spin is an ideal topwater bait for bass when they are up shallow either spawning or when they are post-spawn and still shallow.  These bass may be guarding their fry, or just recovering from the spawn, and the subtle topwater action of the Pro Sunny B Twin Spin provides the action you need to get their attention, while not spooking the bass away.

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The Pro Sunny Sunny B Twin Spin is designed with large dual front and rear props that create maximum water disturbance that incites explosive strikes. Fish it over grass and laydowns. Use a steady retrieve or rip it and pause–then get ready. Its large profile and weight allow it to be cast far, and with pinpoint accuracy, so you can cast it in and around the cover, and not have to worry about getting it snagged.

For some more great topwater bass fishing action, check out Jeff ‘Gussy’ Gustafson fishing the Knocker B topwater.